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        We have a rapidly scanner for a hard working with amount of document.You can convert scan file to serveral file type.

Special Features

       - Support a large quantity of document per day ,and could continue scan to unlimited.
       - Clearly scan ,quickly and accurately.
       - Convert document scan to many file type.For example .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, .bmp etc.
       - Edge trimming ,adjust colour ,contrast or brightness automatically.
       - Left blank page ,rotate and assign document size automatically.
       - Assign even or odd page automatically.
       - And misc can contact officers.


       - Install and training with scanner.
       - Change spare part which deteriorate and repair scanner between rental.
       - We have spare machine ready for your working continued ,if a hard broken happen between rental.

        Our company have more experience about Scan Center for customer a long.We scan and manage document in many type and many size to several file type.We have a team with scanner ready to serve your project or job case.Inside and outside working place together with officer ready for served your project.

Our Service

       - Receivd document from customer ,split and recover document or book before and after scan.
       - Scan document with our Scan Center and officer over there.
         At customer's place or customer assign working place.
       - Scan document ,journal ,newspaper and other in
         in same type and mixed type(all type)
       - Convert document to serveral file type with adjustment ,look feel ,smooth or other.
         It is legible and quality.
       - Scan document and convert to each file type,for example .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, .png and misc etc.
       - Manage index for seekingor searching.
       - We have a solution for manage scaned file.It is suitable for many organization,
         Company or other.
       - We guarantee your project wth backup file after scan finish.
       - And more you can call 02-641-6021-2.

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