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Our Services

Copier rental

Customer or interested person could paid for rent copier by quantity.

Digital Colour Copier Multifunction
       - Network printing
       - Sending / Receiving Fax
       - Colour Document Scan
       - Sending / Receiving E-mail
       - Temporarily rental for Summit ,Event ,Organize and misc.
       - Monthly/Yearly rental for Company ,Government Sector or other for usually working.

Copy Center

        Onestop Copy Center service with officer for help you. If you manage your document monthly on hand as our minimum standard.We would go on together with your work,which our team take care you together.

Copy Center service

       - Black/White/Colour copy with normal and zoom.
       - Pagemaking/repair/recover books ,reports or documents.
       - Typewriting with computer ,file printing .
       - Picture/document or other to scan.
       - And Misc which you can contact officer at each Copy Center.

Scanner Rental

        Rapid scanner for rental ,converted to serveral file type.

Special Features
       - Support a large quantity of document per day ,and could continue scan to unlimited.
       - Clearly scan ,quickly and accurately.
       - Convert document scan to many file type.For example .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, .bmp etc.
       - Edge trimming ,adjust colour ,contrast or brightness automatically.
       - Left blank page ,rotate and assign document size automatically.
       - Assign even or odd page automatically.
       - And misc can contact officers.

Scan Center

        Onestop Scan Center for scan document in several size with rapidly scanner supported. All both urgent jobs and a large quantity jobs. We can working inside and outside customer area.

Our Services
       - Scan documents ,journals ,newspapers and other document in several type ,which has same size and mixed.
       - Convert document to serveral file type with adjustment ,look feel ,smooth or other.It is legible and quality.
       - Scan document and convert to each file type,for example .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, .png and misc etc.

Document Management Solution

        Paperless ( Document Management Solution ) Store and seeking document in each file type.

       - Create and manage rule ,type for document ,data quality and data efficiency .
       - Improve data efficiency ,data accuracy ,quickly and secured.Both data and resources.
       - Improve more space and data concurrent.
       - Stored each file type.( .pdf ,.tiff ,.jpg ,.bmp and misc ) and create document with attach file in the same time.
       - Folder and Drawer indexed ,sub-item could edit ,add ,delete and more.


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